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  • The passion and purpose of Vision Global Alliance is to provide a “safe haven” for ministry shepherds.

  • The effectual, fervent desire is to nurture, mentor and provide educational as well as spiritual enrichment.

  • The goal is to deposit ministry tools which shall grant your individual ministry access to excellence.

  • The passion of VGA is driven from the anointing of its founders, Rev. Marion and Dr. BJ Relefourd. 
    They have served over 25 years in hands-on ministry and understand the challenges involved in operating
    and maintaining ministry excellence.

  • The purpose of VGA is derived from the root of integrity and maintaining a life where your gifts will open
    doors and your character will allow you to remain in the honor and humbleness of His Word.


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Dear Ministry Shepherd,

We are honored that we have been given this earthly assignment to provide a spiritual covering for ministry shepherds. You have been given the great assignment to minister to men and women globally.  Many of the souls you will shepherd through your ministry you may never see in the physical as your ministry may be Internet based, digital and/or media based.

We understand that your ministry is essential and much needed in the Body of Christ. Some may have a more intimate ministry which will allow you to pour into the lives of men and women in a “hands-on” setting. We recognize and respect the diverse areas in which you serve and are prepared to serve you in the spirit of excellence and availability that your ministry needs.


--Prelate Shepherds -- Pastors Marion & BJ Relefourd


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the ministry shepherd?

A shepherd is a person who tends, feeds or guards flocks of sheep.  A ministry shepherd is one who leads a ministry which cares, feeds and guards flocks of sheep.


Am I a ministry shepherd if I don’t have a church building?

A ministry shepherd is one who maintains interdepency; a God ordained ministry which reaches beyond the walls of a “church” building


I am serving in a local ministry.  May I still partner with VGA?

Yes, VGA welcomes your partnership. However, VGA believes you must operate decently and in order ( 1Cor 14:40) 


VGA’s base scripture is 2 Timothy 2:15.  Why is this so important?

VGA believes by partnering, you will become exposed to the “highway and hedges” anointing.  This means you are being ushered into a global ministry.  By studying the applicable study of the scriptures, this will give you and your ministry a vast amount of knowledge in the area of ministering on a more broader scope.  Jesus ministered to all: those who were like Him, liked Him, those who were not like Him and did not like Him. Study to show thyself approved unto God.

What does VGA believe?

Vision Global Alliance believes the Bible to contain the Word of God and that all scripture is Holy Spirit inspired.  VGA believes that Jesus was born of miraculous conception and that He was crucified and rose on the third day with ALL power in His hand. We believe that as the scripture states, we are neither male nor female so that all who answer the call and are chosen to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ are operational vessels to be used in the Kingdom.

What is my seed commitment?

Extend a monthly partnership seed in obedience to God's direction as agreed in completed ministry


How can I apply for partnership?

Download the Ministry Profile Form.  Complete the form and follow the instructions to submit.

Vision Global Alliance

Sow a seed and watfch i grow!

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